Bed Bugs Removal Services In Phoenix

How to Control Home Bugs

In this series about bed bug control, we are going to discuss ways to both eliminate and prevent bed bugs in your home. While these are steps we teach our customers. We also do these as a part of the total bed bug service.  Using these steps (we call em strategies) you can create an inhospitable environment that will greatly reduce this bug’s ability to stay alive in your home. We are offering you to take bed bugs removal services in the Phoenix area.

Wood Furniture? DON’T throw it out! (just yet anyway)

This is a discussion about what people hear about wood furniture.  When we discuss performing a bed bug service in a home we are often asked about the wood furniture.  There is plenty of information on the internet that makes having wood furniture a problem.  It’s true that when there is a wood bed frame around an infested bed the bugs seem to have gravitated to the woodwork.  But why that is and does it mean all wood furniture is a problem is what I will discuss here.

What we normally find doing bed bug work is that when there is a wood bed frame around an infested bed the bugs seem to have preferred hiding in the edges and crevices of the woodwork. It seems to have preferred it over the mattress.  It might be true from our observations.  For example, when we inspect a bunk bed and frame made of steel most all of the bugs congregated under and behind the mattress and few ended up hiding in the framework.  I believe that is primarily because the steel offered few crevices for refuge but also it may be that the bug felt more comfortable on the polyester than the steel.

By contrast when we inspected a wood bunk bed, few or no bed bugs will actually be on the mattress fabric and virtually all the bugs will be in the crevices of the wood. This comes from empirical experience.  So the bed frame can be a problem for several reasons.  But does that mean other wood furniture (such as dressers) might be a problem?

Others Problems of Bed Bugs Services

The real problem is the biology of the bed bug. If you are sleeping on your bed you are practically sleeping at the table this bug sleep at.  Its dinner is just too close and it only takes it 5 or so minutes to find and take your blood and then return to its 5-day rest.  That is just too easy.  Also, the bed frame often has deep crevices that can act as both refuge and protection against your efforts to knock them off.

By comparison, the other furniture in the room, assuming it’s not touching the bed, is not a target for these bugs to hide in, but they will if found and convenient to the bed. But getting rid of the wood furniture (such as dressers, tables, etc) is not needed and can be counterproductive. Since these are generally furniture infesting insects, treating the furniture not only helps eliminate the bed bugs but also defends the freshly cleared home from most any freshly introduced bugs.

It’s our goal to save your furniture. So when is it useful or necessary to get rid of infested furniture? So take our bed bugs removal services in Phoenix, Scottsdale area.

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