Your Trusted Phoenix German Roach Exterminator

A Terrible Roach To Live With!

German Roaches are relatively small roaches that are considered "domestic" roaches (they cannot adapt to living outside). But they are perfectly adapted to living in a home and commercial environment. They multiply fast, can track germs around, defecate on everything, can cause allergic reactions, and even produce an awful smell that when in large numbers might make the house smell a bit like vomit! They are often very difficult to eliminate due to the way that they live (inside crevices up around items like kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, etc) and they do have resistance to common pesticides.

Where are German Roaches commonly found?

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Appliances
  • Areas near moisture (Kitchen Pantry, etc).

How We Eliminate German Roaches

  • Our "Natural Dust-Baiting" process is simply the Best!

    Our method of elimination for German Roaches is a simple one-step approach that requires little preparation. The active ingredient is natural and the process is not disruptive. While our baiting process will have a short delay in the observable reduction, the overall results are almost always 100% elimination. Only one treatment is required which makes it an affordable solution. Moreover, our process is so effective because it relies on a dry dust "bait", the active product does not degrade quickly, and the dust can be picked up easier by roaches allowing for a more reliable outcome over time. Because of this we can usually offer an unconditional 1 year warranty.

  • Other Pest Company Methods

    By comparison, most other companies use a methodology that requires several treatments. They may fog or fumigate first (requiring completely empty cabinets) and follow up by spraying and/or gel baiting around infested areas. The gel becomes less effective as it drys out leaving an unsightly mess. Moreover, this process requires more work, more disruption, and often leads to incomplete results.

  • One Year Warranty!

    Cockroaches can be a tough pest for anyone to control but NaturZone Pest Control covers the entire Valley of the Sun including Scottsdale and Phoenix! In addition to, we offer the industry's best guarantee against German Cockroaches. A full One-Year Warranty!

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