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Why are termites a problem in Phoenix?

In our desert environment subterranean termite colonies are ever present. They live underground and seek out food sources all the time. As our homes are both built and contain the necessary food sources they crave, they are seeking to enter and devour not only the structures of most homes but also many elements inside including paper products and drywall. Preventing this is why barrier treatments are done.

How NaturZone Pest Control Eliminates Termites

  • Importance of a good barrier around a structure.

    Termites live all around us. They arrive from neighboring areas and also fly to us (swarmers). They also mostly inhabit the first 12 inches of soil, and must use this soil to build tubes that protect them. Treating this soil can destroy virtually all subterranean termite colonies that attempt to enter your place.

  • Termidor Eliminates Termites in Phoenix

    We use Termidor for virtually all termite elimination. Termidor is called a non-repellant. This means it is picked up and carried into the colony by an unaffected termite. This allows the product to build up in the colony without being detected, and as this goes on termidor will begin to destroy the entire colony. The way the product gets around to both colony and the queen is through their "Transfer Effect Technology". Because it is embedded into the soil there is no significant risk of exposure to children or pets, and the product is also mild enough to be applied to dogs and cats to kill of fleas and ticks. Termidor also lasts a LONG time so this protection is a quality investment to the home and allows us to offer extended warranties.

  • Spending a little more to get Real Value.

    There are countless products that are labeled to treat termites. Some just kill those termites passing through the treatment and the product may not even reach the colony and just discourage them. Often these products can be cheap to use and allow for low cost applications but are likely to break down quickly and offer no long term protection. Termidor has been shown to lock into the soil and last many years. Research shows that on average there are 25 termite colonies present per acre so having a quality barrier around the home is a great step towards preventing termite activity within your home or business.

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