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Why bed bugs are hard to get rid of.

Bed Bugs can be brought in with items or luggage unnoticed, and are adapted to live inside of a home (as in a cave). Because of their nature to hide from light and movement they end up in places that are hidden yet close to their food source. And they are not active often, feeding only every 3-7 days and often active for only the 10 minutes or so it takes to get their fill. Thus catching them in the act is not likely early on. Also because they live so close to us this challenges the process of using pesticide on them.

Yet there are easy ways to get rid of them all. Rather than take expensive and exhaustive efforts, there are easy, reliable and quick ways to get rid of them all..for good!

Where are Bed Bugs found?

  • Behind and under Box Spring
  • Under and in Seams of Mattresses
  • Behind Picture Frames Near Host
  • Items Stored under the Bed
  • Furniture near where you rest or sleep
  • Any chair or couch where strangers rest

  • The Easiest Way to Success!

    Our No Prep Method of Bed Bug Removal - or - The Lazyman's Way to Kill 'em ALL = 100% Success!
    Most common bed bug extermination services in Phoenix involve lots and lots of preparation. You are usually required to bag all clothing, empty all drawers, and generally make the home look like its ready to move out of. It could be days of work to prepare for. In addition to, worst off, it may have to be repeated many times. Yet the need for extensive preparation based on treating all homes as the same. We developed a no-prep bed bug removal method. We call it the STRATEGIZED approach. Instead of having you do lots of preparation and just being thorough treating everything, we engage you in strategies that make it easier, quicker and yet more reliable. And with the excellent modern products available for treatments this easier process can also be done with only 1 treatment and a long warranty.

  • How We Eliminate Without Toxins

    Meet Our Bed Bug Killing Fungus...
    The Biopesticide "Aprehend" is composed of a natural insect-killing fungus called Beauveria Bassiana which is found naturally in nature. This natural insect predatory fungus was developed into a virtually invisible treatment process using natural oils for application, which allow the spores the ability to survive inside of a home for 3+ months. Unlike chemical pesticides, which rely on the bed bug picking up much of the pesticide to be effective, this treatment only requires bed bugs to literally pick up just 1 spore (yet they will pick up much more easily even on a single crossing over the treatment). The incredible effect of this process happens because of the bed bugs "gregarious" nature, which means they will crowd together during hiding. Moreover, this causes them to share the treatment. The result is an amazingly complete kill off of all bed bugs that are even in the slightest, exposed to this product. So to accomplish these small barriers are created that bed bugs will cross over in order to (try to) find a food source. Because this product is so effective with such little exposure, we can apply it successfully to difficult places (such as couches, wood bed frames, etc) with complete success.

  • Speed Kills...Fast!

    Our IPM Methods Kill Bed Bugs Quickly
    For situations where speed matters NaturZone Pest Control offers a variety of methods that can accomodate various situations. If they are under baseboards or inside wall voids we offer effective compressor driven injection treatments to reach difficult areas. For empty apartments, hotel units or hospital and recovery rooms we can treat with speed quickly to allow for quick reuse of those rooms.

  • 1 Year Bed Bug Warranty

    We are more than a typical Phoenix bed bug exterminator! Our long lasting strategies keep bed bugs away! We are so confident that we include a 1 year warranty with our treatment even on apartments and condominiums, without condition!

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