An Innovative & Effective Mosquito Treatment

What is the In2Care Mosquito Trap?

The team at NaturZone Pest Control is excited to offer a revolutionary system to stop one of the most dangerous mosquitos. The In2Care mosquito trap is a small home mosquito trap that includes bioactive ingredients that target and effectively control mosquitos on your property. The In2Care Mosquito Trap is the latest and most effective treatment for Aedes Mosquitos available. This innovative, eco-friendly mosquito trap works fast and allows you to kill mosquitos without the use of toxic chemicals found in a traditional mosquito repellant.

Specifically Targets The Aedes Mosquito

This trap specifically targets the Aedes Mosquito, which has been known to spread deadly diseases such as Dengue, Chickungunya, Zika, and Yellow Fever. This particular mosquito is also very aggressive and is resistant to many other pesticides on the market. The In2Care Mosquito Trap is the best mosquito trap for this type of mosquito, because it uses a proprietary mix of active ingredients that directly target the breeding ground and the mosquito itself, killing the adult mosquitos and the larvae simultaneously.

How Does The In2Care Mosquito Trap Work?

  • The Trap works by Attracting Pregnant Mosquitos...

    An area in the central tube of the In2Care mosquito trap attracts pregnant mosquitos with a special odor. When the mosquito lands on the gauze strip, the mosquito gets exposed to a naturally-occurring fungus & bioactive larvacide powder. The powder goes onto the mosquito's legs and feet and the fungus gets absorbed. When the mosquito flies away from the trap, she begins to spread the deadly larvicide which kills larvae before they hatch. Its own larvae die along with other mosquito's larvae as the breeding ground becomes contaminated. Moreover, the carrier mosquito's body functions will begin to slow down and it will have a reduced ability to bite & spread disease. Eventually any mosquitos exposed to the In2Care ingredients will be killed by the fungus.

  • Why Use The In2Care Mosquito Trap Instead of Traditional Methods?

    The amazing thing about this trap is the mosquito does all the work!
    - One In2Care trap can cover up to 4,300 square feet!
    - It is a two-in-one system that kills larvae and adult mosquitos.
    - It targets the mosquito that is known to carry Zika Virus, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, and more. Not only will it kill the mosquito, but will reduce its ability to transmit disease while it is dying.
    - The mosquito-killing ingredients are approved and tested by the EPA and WHO. They are safe & non-toxic to people, pets, and other animals (like birds or fish) that could be exposed.
    - This trap will only kill mosquitos, so butterflies & bees will be safe in your yard.
    - This is such an effective treatment because it targets the hard to find mosquito breeding grounds by having pregnant mosquitos carry the insecticide itself.

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