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Why Eliminate Ants?

Although ants aren't dangerous, they are a nuisance that can make your their way into your Phoenix home and colonize. They are social creatures, so when one ant makes it in, you can be sure there will be many more to follow.

Where are Ants found?

  • Near doors and windows
  • In the kitchen on countertops and cabinets
  • Anywhere a food source for them is located

How NaturZone Pest Control Eliminates Ants

  • Store Bought Treatments Can Make Your Ant Problem Worse

    First it's important to look at why ant problems don't usually get better and often can get worse with many store bought products, even those that are labeled as ant killers. Many of the products that say they are ant killers on the label are actually telling the truth, kinda. A lot of these sprays and powders have active ingredients that will kill AN ant or even a few hundred ants that are outside at the time you spray them, but they don't kill the thousands that are still underground including the queen.

    The other issue with these sprays and dusts is that many have repellent active ingredients that tip off all of the ants that survived your massacre to your game. These repellent products usually achieve one of two things: The better result is that the ants move their hole away from the treated area, sometimes as little as an inch or two away. The worse scenario is that the colony perceives the treatment as an attack, which it is, and they go into a sort of "emergency mode", splitting the colony in two, making a second queen, and doubling your ant problems.

  • How we eliminate Ants

    Good Phoenix pest control and Scottsdale pest control techs will have several different ways to deal with ants. This is one of the advantages of using a pro. If the ants aren't interested in one type of bait, we've got a couple others to try. sometimes they aren't interested in any of the baits. This is usually when it's best to do a non-repellent spray treatment.

  • Types of Bait Treatments To Eliminate Ants!

    Ant baits come in four basic forms:
    - Liquid Baits: Liquid baits are usually very basic. Essentially sugar water syrup with an active ingredient in it that kills the ants when they eat it. The pros to these are that they are simple to apply and appeal to a lot of different types of ants. Normally you'd just drop some right next to a line of ants and if they like it you'll see them start eating it pretty fast. The cons are that they can dry out fast, making the bait difficult to harvest for the ants. They can also be a sticky mess!

    - Gel Baits: Gel baits have similar pros and cons to liquid baits. But they have one big advantage. They can defy gravity when injected into cracks and crevices like the spaces behind cabinets. This makes them nice for interior treatments.

    - Bait Stations: Bait stations can be nice when you want to just "set it and forget it" because they simple to use, don't cause a mess, and tend not to dry out as easily as liquids or gels.

    - Granular Baits: Granular baits are effective for outside treatments. They also can help you do some detective work. If you don't know where the ants are coming from you can put some bait granules in or near their path and after they start taking the bait you can follow it and you can bet they'll be taking it home!

    When you successfully bait an ant colony it's important to let them go about their business until they die out. You want to avoid causing them any alarm which may cause them to stop eating the bait or move out of the area. It can sometimes take a couple weeks to see the activity stop, but your patience will be rewarded.

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