Your Trusted Phoenix Wasp Exterminator

Why eliminate wasps from your property?

If you have wasps in your property in Phoenix or Scottsdale, it is important to contact NaturZone Pest Control. Wasps deliver a powerful & painful sting that can sometimes cause an allergic reaction or infection. Unlike bees, wasps do not leave their stinger in your skin, so they can sting their victim multiple times. This can become particularly dangerous when more than one wasp attacks.

Where are wasps found?

  • Attics
  • Overhangs or Eaves
  • Sheds
  • Playground Equipment
  • Decks
  • Pools
  • BBQ Grills
  • Bird Houses
  • Garages

How We Treat For Wasps

  • Prevention

    We will seal entry points for wasps and make your property less habitable for them. We will also safely remove any wasp nests on your property.

  • Eliminating Wasps

    We treat wasps with pesticides and remove the nest from your property. It is important to remove the nest since other wasps would inhabit even the treated wasp nest. Removing a wasp nest yourself without proper safety equipment can be dangerous, so be sure to contact NaturZone Pest Control to eliminate Wasps from your Phoenix or Scottsdale Property!