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Frantic homeowners with scorpions in their homes want real solutions to their scorpion problem. The Bark Scorpion is the most common scorpion here in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. It is a smaller, yet highly venomous scorpion that can deliver a potentially life-threatening sting. While most scorpion species can't climb, the Bark Scorpion climbs vertical surfaces like trees, stucco, brick, walls and can also hang from the ceiling. Arizona Bark Scorpions, practice what is called Negative Geotaxis. This is basically geek speak for "they like to be upside down." Negative Geotaxis explains why we find them on the bottom of all sorts of things. These scorpions are also capable of squeezing themselves into very narrow spaces, which allows them easy access to homes in Arizona.

Where are Scorpions found?

  • Block fence columns
  • Brick stacks and piles
  • Under large rocks
  • Cracks and Crevices
  • Wood and debris piles

How We Eliminate Scorpions

  • Identifying Scorpion Hot Spots

    Effective scorpion control relies on starting with an inspection to locate the hot spots of activity and breeding on your property. One of the most helpful things to know when hunting down these hot spots is what these critters like when selecting a hiding spot. Here are several conditions to look for:
    - Areas that get moist and retain moisture
    - Protection from predators (Humans)
    - Food sources like spiders and insects
    - Protection from sun and weather
    - Anywhere they can be upside down

  • Controlling & Eliminating Scorpions

    We treat scorpions with a liquid insecticide which not only threatens the lives of the scorpions directly but also kills and taints their food and makes their hiding spots unlivable. Along with the treatment, we will also provide you with tips and effective solutions to help eliminate them from your property. Sealing, removing debris, removing their food supply and using certain types of strategically placed traps will also lessen and prevent infestations.

  • Glowing Scorpions

    All scorpions fluoresce or "glow" under ultraviolet light. You can use an ultraviolet flashlight to detect scorpions at night on your property. Doing this can help you locate and identify the heaviest infested areas on your property. You can share this information with your NaturZone Pest Control technician, which will help make your treatments much more effective.

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