Natural Phoenix German Roach Treatment – Scottsdale Pest Control

Natural Phoenix German Roach Treatment – Scottsdale Pest Control

A natural Phoenix German roach treatment is not a common sight in most homes. That is because German roaches are considered “domestic roaches” which means they cannot survive outside of a house. Thus German roach infestations are pretty rare in single-family homes because they are not intruding from a developed outside problem.  They are much more commonly found inside attached homes where adjoining units share common plumbing pipe chases.  And they are also often found in restaurants and commercial kitchens.

The real problem with German roaches is that they are nearly impossible to eliminate with common methods such as spraying or dusting infested areas. This is partially because they usually infest areas that are hard to treat with those products. Such as under lips of counters, inside backs of cabinets, etc, thus attempting to treat those areas. These places usually undesirable pesticides near things you eat, eat from and cook with.  Another problem is that they are pretty resistant to certain types of pesticides and too many survive those treatments to get the necessary elimination.  Also, they multiply faster than most roaches so they rebound quickly from a less than complete process. Giant roach problem.

Our unique Phoenix Natural German Roach treatment method.

Yes, we really do offer a nicer and more effective approach. We use very expensive dust “bait”.  It looks like cinnamon dust, smells like molasses and is both natural and very close to non-toxic.  The toxin in the bait is Abamectin, which is natural and extremely mild in toxicity.  The bait is carefully “shot” into the crevices of the kitchen cabinets as well as all areas where these insects hide.  The bait is picked up either eaten or crossed over and caught up on the insect body.

The nice thing about this approach is that there is little preparation needed.  The dust can be easily shot by reaching behind items and into the accessible voids. It also serves as the roaches’ entry points.

What we find is the bait will last long enough to kill off an infestation completely so long as the surrounding environment is not cluttered, dirty or wet enough to prevent the product from completing the process.

Because the dust-baiting process is so effective it allows us to typically offer a 1-year warranty on our Phoenix German Roach Treatment in detached homes.

If you think you have German Roaches or any pests, or you just have a question, feel free to call me or Bill at (602) 476-1088 and ask for Jeffrey or Bill. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.