What to Expect From Phoenix Rat Control Treatments

What treatments and results can I expect from my Phoenix Rat Control treatment?

In Phoenix rat control is serious business. Every year rats cause millions of dollars worth of property damage. On top of this they can spread disease and fleas.

When looking into rodent control options, many folks are unaware of what an effective rodent treatment program entails. They’re also not sure how much control over the problem they can expect. We’ll answer these questions and maybe a little more in this short article.


IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management. It’s an industry term that is basically shorthand for “a good treatment is more than just chemicals.”

Phoenix Rat Control IPM can include:

Mechanical Controls, which are both using traps, and also making improvements to structures to keep rats out.

Biological Controls such as introducing predators. Can anyone say meow?

Chemical Controls, like the bait in a rat bait station.

Environmental Controls that make your property and structures inhospitable for rodents.

Fertility Control, which is a new type of treament we will look at a bit more below.

Great Expectations

Phoenix Rat Control technicians often find themselves walking a fine line between getting their customers hopes up, and making sure they don’t over promise on the results. So here’s the most important thing to understand while looking for a good rodent treatment program: Nobody can guarantee total elimination of any pest. If they do, run the other way.

What you should be able to expect from a good rat control program is:

A technician that will make recommendations for what you can do on your property to assist with his other IPM treatments.

Baiting and/or trapping that reduces rodent activity levels noticeably.

A level of control that continues to get better over time.

The New Hottness: Fertility Control!

So you may have come to this article to learn about the new technology in rodent treatment that’s got a lot of people excited. Its called ContraPest and it is literally rat birth control.

ContraPest is a liquid, put in a bait station, that sterilizes the rats that drink it. Over the period of a few months, if enough rats drink the bait, they will stop reproducing, and you can see a huge reduction in activity, with fewer rats that need to be trapped, or killed with conventional rodent baits.

ContraPest is a major breakthrough in Phoenix rat control, that is desperately needed in a time when rodent issues are getting out of hand all over the valley. The best part is it looks to be a much more environmentally friendly than traditional rat poisons!

If you have any questions about ContraPest, or rodent treatment in general, feel free to call  602-468-1088, and ask for me, or our owner Bill. We’re always happy to answer questions!