Giant Roaches Inside Your Home?

Giant Roaches Inside Your Home In Phoenix and Scottsdale Area

Folks often call Phoenix and Scottsdale exterminators to treat large American or “Sewer” Cockroach issues coming from outside, but bug sleuths will sometimes find an entire colony sustaining itself inside the home! We will find out giant roaches inside your home and remove them.

A common issue for Phoenix and Scottsdale Exterminators is large roaches, usually American roaches, getting into homes from outside. Many folks believe that these roaches come up through their drains, because of the common nickname for them, “Sewer” Roaches. While this is a possibility, It’s much more likely that they are coming in from outside the house. Even less likely is the possibility that they are living in and sustaining themselves inside your home. But it can happen. Let’s look at each possibility briefly.

Sewer Roaches

“Sewer” Roaches are assumed to come from the sewer. This is possible but not actually the norm. Roaches are actually good swimmers, so the possibility does exist that they can swim through the drains, but this simply isn’t the case most of the time.

Phoenix and Scottsdale Exterminators often find roaches outside in cool, moist, dark, and protected spaces. Some of these include the hollows of trees, water boxes, or under the tangled roots of untrimmed shrubs. I find in my work that most of the time folks are seeing roaches inside the house, they are usually coming from outside, in one of these types of areas.

Of course the least likely is bound to happen at some point, and after more than ten years in this industry it recently happened in a home I was treating. The customer told me that he was having a lot of large sewer roaches in his den. After checking outside and finding no hiding places for them, I decided to check the room where he was seeing them, just in case. They were in an antique curio cabinet in the corner of the room. Hundreds of them, thriving by leaving the cabinet at night and eating his dog’s food and water just a few feet away.

What things I should do?

If you want to keep your home roach free, clean home. A lot of folks think that having roaches means that you’re dirty or unsanitary. While it’s true that the roaches themselves are less than sanitary, it says nothing about you, or how you keep your home to be a victim of their infestation.

When you see roaches, call some Phoenix or Scottsdale exterminators and nip that problem in the bud sooner rather than later.

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