Are Your Neighbors Breeding Bugs!

Are Your Neighbors Breeding Bugs!

In Phoenix and Scottsdale pest control experts have to take every factor into consideration when solving Bug problems. Sometimes the Neighbors are a part of the problem though. 

Phoenix pest control and Scottsdale pest control companies are always asked about the likelihood that a neighbor is a cause of or a contributor to a pest problem like scorpions, spiders, ants, and cockroaches. Often the answer is no. But sometimes it’s glaringly obvious that something the neighbors breeding bugs is doing, or not doing is a big part of the problem.

When I have asked about this possibility the answer often falls into one of three categories:

  • The neighbors are not part of the problem.
  • The neighbors are definitely contributing to the issue.
  • It is a widespread issue that everyone needs to address.

Let’s look at these three individually. You will be able to recognize neighbors breeding bugs.

The neighbors are NOT part of the problem

This is definitely the most common answer that I give to this question. More often than not bug problems can be solved and treated on your property without sorting about what, if any, contributions have been made by the neighbors.

Usually treating your yard with a bait, and structures like the house and block fence, with a spray or other targeted treatment, will be enough to keep bugs out of your home.

So often I have had folks sure that the neighbors were the cause of the roaches or the scorpions only to realize a week or two after my initial service, that the issue has stopped with treatment on their property. It’s really that simple most of the time and the homeland bad feelings are almost always unfounded.

The neighbors are definitely contributing to the issue

When I walk into a yard, like the one in the video above, and see a well-trimmed yard with a jungle growing on the other side of the fence, I know right away that there are factors at play in the neighbors’ yard.

Don’t get me wrong, folks may have a beautiful yard that is well kept, but if you have vines and thick shrubs growing up against the fence, that will provide immense structure for the bug de jure to live and thrive, free of pesticides, and in relative luxury. They just love the cool, moist little nooks and crevices all over inside that fence. Phoenix and Scottsdale pest control techs will completely protect from the bed bugs.

Of course, this is a huge problem when it comes to scorpions. Scorpions thrive inside block fences and the best way to control them is to treat those fence columns directly.

But please don’t have any ill will toward your neighbors in these situations. They are likely completely ignorant of their part in the issue. After all, you’re the weirdo reading pest control blogs!

They often just need to be educated about the problem. Sometimes recommending a Phoenix pest control or Scottsdale pest control guy to them is all they need. It’s also a very good idea to both get treatment at the same time as this often can provide a huge it to the pest population so big that they may never recover.

It’s a widespread issue that everyone needs to address

Sometimes a pest issue can affect an entire neighborhood so much that all or most of the properties need to be treated by a professional in order to get the problem under control.

A few years ago I went into a small neighborhood with small homes all built very close together. I had quite a few customers in there and noticed that many of the homes that I was not treating had black widow webs around the foundation. After taking a look around the neighborhood it was clear that it was an issue for almost everyone. So neighbors should help to control breeding bugs.

When I talked to some of the neighbors of my customers and they didn’t know why they kept coming back. I explained that if I was able to treat many of them all at the same time that the black widow population would become much more manageable and probably cease to be an issue. I ended up servicing quite a few homes there and have not seen black widows in that neighborhood since.

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In all three of the situations above a thorough treatment, done right now, can help control the issues for you!

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Till then, thanks for reading!

Here’s to helping YOU live Pest Free,


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