An Important Way to Prevent Termites

Pest treatment is continuing work But is there anything you can do to prevent insects on your property?

Do you want to remove the pest from your property? In this article, I will tell you an important way to prevent termites in Phoenix and Scottsdale. NatureZone exterminator is an effective solution for infestations. Especially we worked from the root level. We find out the insects attack and work accordingly. But what can you do to reduce the chances that your property will get these destructive little insects?

Termite Expert Jeromy West says “One of the best ways you can help prevent subterranean termites around your home is to avoid any wood touching the ground. Wood to earth contact gives them a perfect place to establish a new colony on your property.” In this video, Jeromy shows us an example of wood to earth contact that could possibly be a problem.

Sometimes we make our home conducting earth. In this case, a home may have a chance to attack. Obviously, make sure to eliminate anything that looks like this from your property! If you have anything that you think maybe termites give us a call at 602-476-1088 for a free inspection.